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ExxonMobil lets you buy gas using Apple Pay at the pump

The wind picked up and rain started to fall just as I got to the San Mateo gas station. The thought of fumbling with my wallet while standing in the cold made me shudder.

Fortunately, I was getting a demo of how?Apple Pay?works at ExxonMobil gas pumps. I now can pay for gas or a?car wash from the comfort of my car with ExxonMobil’s Speedpass+ app, cutting down the amount of time I have to stand outside in the cold.?

The world’s biggest oil and gas company on Tuesday rolled out the new feature, which uses Apple Pay or a credit, debit or checking account stored on the app.

ExxonMobil is the latest company to embrace mobile payments, or the concept of using your phone to pay for goods and services. It’s been slow to take off until recently, with Apple, Google and Samsung all pushing their own mobile-payment systems. One of the hang-ups has been the difficulty of replacing existing payment terminals with the right technology, so ExxonMobil instead focused on using software on the phone.

“Anything that involves the pump from a hardware point of view takes years to deploy and is extremely expensive,” Bryant Russell, Americas program manager for mobile payment and loyalty at ExxonMobil, said during a demo of the app at the San Mateo gas station.

Apple Pay went live Tuesday in more than 6,000 Exxon and Mobil-branded gas stations across 46 US states. The service will be added to about 2,000 more stores by mid-year and will be available in nearly all of the company’s 10,000 locations by the end of 2016, Russell said.

Full article:?http://www.cnet.com/news/exxonmobil-now-lets-you-buy-gas-using-apple-pay-at-the-pump/

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